About the project

Saving resources

Nature Protection

Nature conservation can look so different and opinions about which ways are the best differ. My approach is: nature has the power to regulate itself, to build itself up, and I want to show with my project that we don’t need to intervene to help nature. We can support it best by doing nothing. Instead, we can give something back to it that it can best use to help itself: Peace, time and space.

And in doing so, it is possible to practice conservation that is financially successful, without damaging the natural resources and space of our nature. This project offers the perfect opportunity to channel the desire to act. Because it combines “passive” nature conservation with the active production of lovingly handcrafted products, the proceeds of which are in turn used for the preservation of nature.

And what you can do

Why I want to found a nature reserves

At the moment it is very present and has probably already reached you: Our earth is literally on fire. And there are different ways to help our earth and thus also us. Probably it is the sum of all ideas, projects and initiatives that will bring about a long-term solution. And it is my wish to contribute a part to it! And in doing so, I would like to dare to dream big and far. Because I believe that nature needs big dreams, so that it can get a lot of space again. The first step I would like to take is to protect a forest.

How the sale of crafts enables nature protection

The Collaboration with Earth project will gift you with mostly lovingly and handmade products. I take great joy in making handcrafted products and am wholeheartedly involved. The sale and eventual proceeds of these beautiful products will go directly to funding a nature reserve and thereby actively support conservation.

First, you will be able to purchase raw wool rugs woven by me here this shop, made with the utmost care and from regional sheep’s wool. And be excited, more products will follow soon, such as fantastic patchwork rugs, wooden figurines, enamel, art prints or insect villas in mid-century style. All made by hand and with heart.

With your support

Achieved goal so far

To get closer to the dream of preserving nature, the first goal is 25,000€. With this money it would be possible to buy about 1-2 hectares of forest and the nature reserve can start to grow. For example, this first financial step is equivalent to about 500 wool rugs sold. That sounds a lot and yes, honestly, it is. But doable with your support through the purchase of a rug or the upcoming products. These will probably be a little less in the amount of work, but at least as profitable for the project. With your support!


Financing of the reserve

I’d love to take you on this journey and funding plays a big part in that, so I’m happy to share the current funding plan here. The income will be used as follows:
70% of the profit will go into a savings account that will be used exclusively for the purchase of a forest. 30% of the profit will be used for the already incurred expenses of the rug and the financing of the next products.

Ongoing system

Once the first piece of nature has been purchased and placed under protection, any further profit is saved. This is then invested in the next piece of nature. This way the nature reserve can grow piece by piece.

I always remain flexible and if this calculation does not work as planned (e.g. because expenses increase), I will adjust it accordingly. This way a really profitable system is created, which can serve everyone, man and nature. For questions or hints I am there for you!

Why weaving

Mainly, I’ve been working freelance as an illustrator for 10 years. A few years ago I stumbled across a video about weaving at night and was immediately fascinated by it!In my head tapestry was created with the picture worlds that I usually only drew. That very night I got myself a wooden board, nails, leftover wool and a fork and wove my first small wall hanging. In the meantime I have two high looms and weave not only woolen carpets for the floor but also tapestry. Just as I could see it at night in my mind’s eye!

This postcard painted by me with the jay on it is enclosed with every order. It shows the bird with the acorn in its beak, ready to bury it. He does this only to retrieve it the next time he is hungry. Or, whatever happens, he forgets it under the ground, thus naturally contributing to replanting the new forest with native deciduous trees. Because I appreciate the jay so much for this kind of conservation, he is the patron of this project.

Take part in founding a nature reserve

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