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How do I care for and clean my rug?

Sheep wool rugs should be turned regularly, this keeps them more even and the remaining wool grease (lanolin) helps the carpet to clean naturally. The grease also makes the wool carpets naturally dirt and water repellent.


Vacuuming is no problem at all but please only without brush attachment to avoid damaging the fibers.


The carpets can also be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 degrees in the wool wash cycle if they are very dirty. But please do not use a strong spin cycle. Wool becomes very heavy due to the water and this is not good for the washing machine. In addition, this reduces the risk of felting. But the carpets should be washed in the washing machine as rarely as possible.


When washing and rinsing in the bathtub, be sure to maintain a constant water temperature. Otherwise, the rug may shrink or become matted.


If necessary, cut off loose wool tufts or flocks flat with scissors, do not pull them out. Otherwise the weave could become unstable.

Where does the wool come from?

The raw wool comes entirely from species-appropriate farming and from Germany. For example, from an organic farmer near me or from private households that pursue their love of sheep.


The weaving warp is made of 100% cotton yarn.

How will my carpet be shipped?

Your carpet will be shipped in a Repack bag. RePack produces reusable shipping bags from recycled plastic. After receiving the bag, you can send it back to RePack free of charge with the enclosed shipping label and the bag can be reused. This way we save the environment and the forests much more than by using cardboard boxes.


You can learn more here: repack.com/

Is there anywhere I can take a look at the rugs?

At the moment there is no way to have a look at it. Maybe at some point there will be stores that support the version and where you can buy it then. I am glad about hints!

Why are the carpets sold only throughout Europe?

Since the journey for the carpets would be so far, if they would be shipped outside Europe, I have decided to sell them only within Europe. The journey would cancel out the attempt to do something good for nature. I would also like to call on you to support the weavers and sheep farmers in your area and to buy their rugs and work regionally. Then it will not be necessary to buy something from the other end of the world, which you can also get in your own environment.


Alle weiteren und kleineren Produkte werden voraussichtlich weltweit verschickt, da sie nicht ohne weiteres überall erhältlich sind und weniger Versandkapazitäten verbrauchen.

Can I return the rug?

Of course, you can return everything within 14 days, according to the current right of withdrawal. The carpet must be in original condition and complete for this, so that the products can be resold. Please write me via the contact form for a return request.


However, since Collaboration with Earth is a conservation project and not a commercial store in the traditional sense, please consider another solution. Could you perhaps give it to someone as a gift or sell it in your area? This would reduce the environmental impact of another trip and the resulting extra expense would not interrupt the creation of more conservation funds.

Can I order another rugsize?

Currently I offer only wool rugs in the approximate size of 51 cm x 74 cm (20 x 29 inch). As a handmade product, the size of each carpet deviates slightly and is mentioned exactly in the store description.


It is quite possible that after a longer start-up period, special requests can be considered. Feel free to contact me!

What happens to the profits from the project?

Transparency is very important to me. That’s why I want to disclose everything clearly. The current plan is to use the profit as follows:


70% nature conservation (savings account) / 30% expenses and financing of next products


Once the first piece of nature has been bought and put under protection, any further profit will be saved again and put into the next piece of nature. I reserve the right to change the percentages of the calculation if it does not work that way, for example because the expenses increase. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!

How else can I help?

Thank you for asking! It is an incredible help if you share and forward the version of this project with your friends and people you know! The faster it grows, the faster we can provide nature with a protected place of recreation.

Also, you can now donate during the purchase process and also on the DONATE page.

Thank you very much!

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