Forest fruits you can harvest instead of wood

What can you take from a forest without harming it?
Wood is only one part, but for a huge economy it is the only function of a forest. So the forests look more like plantations than like naturally grown primeval forests. The tree is measured according to the value of the wood and not according to its beauty and adaptability, which often deviates from its potential use.

Even if it is taken for granted, fresh air and a significant strengthening of the immune system is the most important thing for us and should be mentioned. Of course, the small beetles and larvae, as well as the large forest animals can also be included if you wish. Forest honey, which the bees harvest and process from the lice, is also a product of the forest. The following list refers to the German forest.

If you can think of anything else, please let me know!

 1. Mushrooms

 2. Herbs as medicinal plants and as food

 3. Berries (e.g. raspberry, blackberry, wild strawberry, cranberry, blueberry)

 4. Nuts (e.g. beechnuts, hazelnuts)

 5. Salad of leaves, for example young beech leaves

 6. Shoot tips of edible conifers for salad, tea, pesto or liquor

 7. Essential oils

8. Flour, eg. from acorns or chestnuts

9. Syrup, juice and capers (elderberry)

10. Chestnuts as laundry detergent

11. Dyeing material (eg. blackberries leaves, lichens, tree barks)

12. Flowers for joy

13. Decoration for the whole year

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