Take part in founding a nature reserve

Protect forest instead of replanting

Why we need more reserves

At the moment it is very present and has probably already reached you: Our earth is literally on fire. And there are different ways to help our earth and thus also us. Probably it is the sum of all ideas, projects and initiatives that will bring about a long-term solution. And it is my wish to contribute a part to it! And in doing so, I would like to dare to dream big and far. Because I believe that nature needs big dreams, so that it can get a lot of space again. The first step I would like to take is to protect a forest.

Where everything is produced


I work from the countryside in the north of Berlin, surrounded by lakes, forest and cows...

Sorting, washing and handcraft

About the used materials

The raw wool is comes entirely from sheep from species-appropriate animal and organic farming. When the wool arrives it is completely unsorted and unwashed and this is where my part starts.

The start makes raw wool

Rug Collection

Take part in founding a nature reserve

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