Raw wool

Organic farming

The first products you will find here and that support the foundation of a nature reserve are beautiful carpets made of raw wool. This wool is washed and is otherwise untreated. It comes exclusively from sheep from species-appropriate and organic farming.

The rugs are woven from wool that comes from sheep in my immediate area, kept by neighbors or an organic farmer who has the sheep to later reuse the manure as natural fertilizer for his berries. The raw wool rugs are made entirely in Germany and by me in loving handwork.

Sorting and washing wool

Before the wool can be woven, it is sorted and washed – this is an elaborate and laborious process. But it is worth it, because the result is a beautiful rug!

Experimental process

I have tried different procedures and decided for the time being for this, because I find it the best and most sustainable variant. First, I roughly pre-sort the usable wool and leave it for 1-2 nights in the rainwater to pre-clean it. This already loosens a lot of dirt, but not the useful fat of the wool.

After the wool has dried, I free it from small plant parts that like to get lost in the wool, because happy sheep run now times where it suits them and you can see that then also in the small souvenirs from nature. Especially needles from coniferous trees could otherwise prevent a cuddly experience, so am there especially mindful.

After weaving the wool and he completion of the rug, I wash it again with a little wool soap. This way the rug gets nice and clean and yet the natural wool fat (lanolin) remains in its protective form in the wool.

Every rug an unicat


Each rug is absolutely individual and looks unique in its result! The different wool of different breeds of sheep behave differently during weaving and so some rugs are a little rougher and others fluffier, some have more texture and shades of color and others are more uniform in color. Because of this natural variety, there is something for everyone!

I work very carefully and thoroughly when weaving the wool and finishing the rugs. Nevertheless, it can happen that I overlook a small plant part or other souvenirs of the sheep from nature. However, this is not a defect, but simply a sign of the species-appropriate husbandry of the animals and quality of the wool. All rugs are woven by hand and with heart on one of my two looms.

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