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Rugs made of wool from sheep raised in a species-appropriate and organic way. 70% of the profit goes to fund a nature reserve.


Rugs you order here are made for you only. The delivery time is between 3 and 6 weeks. I may have to check if there is enough wool of your desired color in stock. That’s why I reserve the right to make other suggestions (regarding delivery time or color) or to refund the amount paid. You will be informed as soon as possible.


Longer rugs are possible in any width. For even longer rugs than 150 cm please contact me for a quote, wider ones I do not offer at the moment.


The light grey rug on the pictures has a size of 100 x 130 cm.



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All these beautiful and hand-woven rugs are unique. Since it is a natural and handcrafted product, your rug may differ from the picture.

Due to the work with natural raw materials, the size may vary slightly. The wool of different breeds always behave differently during weaving and the following washing. However, I make sure that the rugs are not smaller than specified and work a large buffer.

The colorfulness of the rug is a result of the natural wool color and its texture. The rugs provide a good indoor climate and smell wonderfully of their origin.

The rugs still contain residual lanolin (wool grease) that protects it from dirt. How do I clean my rug?

Despite high care, there may still be plant residues in the rug, this is a characteristic of species-appropriate husbandry.

Rug size is indicated without the fringes.


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