Studio Impressions

Countryside studio

The workspace of Collaboration with Earth is located in the beautiful Uckermark, in the countryside, in the north of Berlin. Here I live and work. With a great and wide view of hilly meadows, forest and the garden with lively chickens. In summer the view is completed by goats and cows. In the Uckermark is also the future nature reserve.

The looms

In total, there are two high looms in different sizes here, plus various table weaving frames. High looms are particularly suitable for the production of rugs or also for tapestry weaving. They are real beauties and fortunately also more space-saving than flat looms.

Other Employees

We should perhaps also mention Freja, the dog and Alfred, the cat. Both are difficult to keep away from the cozy, freshly woven rugs. But they have enough of their own by now, so they are easily put off.

Work Process

Once the wool has been collected from the neighborhood, it first goes into the barn. There it is allowed to wait until it is sorted and washed. Cleaned and dried, it comes into the house and is freed from the plant particles and prepared for weaving. Once all this is done, she has her place next to the big loom and waits for her turn to become a rug.

Take part in founding a nature reserve

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